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Saahihain PreBook Policy

PreBook Policy

• For pre-booking of items, there will be an estimated amount to be paid at the time of order.
• Pre-book items will take a minimum time of 15 days to process.
• If we are unable to fulfill your pre booking order, whole amount will be refunded to you after 15 days.
• Pre-booking amount is non-refundable in case you cancel the order yourself.
• There will be no return or exchange of items for pre-booked products unless it is solely our fault.
• Once your order gets confirmed,you will be notified . After that you have to pay the remaining amount within 7 days to get it dispatched, else after that your order will get cancelled automatically and no refund will be given.
• Eg. For a saree of Rs.1000 the prebook amount is given as Rs. 300 you have to pay Rs.300 for prebooking of that particular item. Remaining Rs.700 to be paid when the order gets confirmed and then only the order will be dispatched. After 7 days the order will get cancelled and Rs 300 will be borne as penalty by the customer.